Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Grocery Collection Service

But all the supermarkets do this themselves you are thinking. Ah - maybe not. Marks and Spencer have recently stopped their home delivery service an a good number of people, especially the elderly will be missing this greatly. Talk to people in your neighbourhood and find out who is missing out and offer to help out by collecting their shopping for them. They will be more than happy to pay you for this service. Charge mileage or an hourly rate, be fair with it and people will come back week after week.

Don't just leave it at Marks and Spencer. There will be plenty other businesses in your area that don't deliver and your neighbours would be glad of the help.

Help out friends and get paid

Many people are suffering from the credit crunch and are hanging onto their jobs for dear life. They maybe don't have so much time to spend at home any more and chores and gardening are falling behind.

If you have the time and the skills, why not offer to help them with their cleaning, gardening, decorating, etc and get paid for it. Around £10 per hour is what people are charging for this kind of service. Just make sure you do a good job - you don't want to lose a friend - and a customer!

Sunday, 20 July 2008

Do you have time on your hands?

How many times does this happen?

You have to wait for a delivery or tradesman and can't get time off work.

It's extremely frustrating for many people and they will be only too happy to pay you to wait in for them. Market your services by putting up ads in the local post office or shop. Speak to friends and family. Put some low-cost leaflets together and deliver them in your local area - make sure you target large businesses too.

Be reliable and word will spread.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Be Creative

Think about writing articles for your local newspapers and magazines. Pick a subject you are passionate about and tell the world!

Many publications will pay for your articles and even if they don't you can use the fact that you have been published when you contact other titles.

Thursday, 12 June 2008

Dedication Means Success

As with any business, you have to keep at it. Dedication is the name of the game and it will pay you to keep going. You have to make sure as many people as possible know about what you are doing.

How you market yourself will depend on what type of home business you are running. Maybe an ad in the window of the corner shop would be suitable - for dog walking, home tutoring, etc. You will appeal to people in your local area and keep your travelling costs down.

Saturday, 24 May 2008

So, What's Next?

I've come up with a list of ideas which can help you make money at home. I hope you find this useful and gives you some inspiration so you can start to work at home to suit you own lifestyle.

1. Walk the Dog

If you like being outdoors and like animals too, what about being a dog-walker in your local area? Start by placing a small ad in your local newspaper and join a dog-walking agency.

2. Write a Story

Write about your personal experiences and submit your work to newspapers and magazines. Many will pay you for your story.

3. What about Proof Reading?

It can be quite boring to read pile of unedited work, however the pay is decent at £10 an hour for a novice and up to £30 an hour for someone with qualifications.

4. Create Web Pages

One of the most popular sites in the US is Squidoo. It is a site where people create a lens (their own webpage) on their favourite topic. The site then makes money from advertisers and links. It then pays 5% of its profits to charity, retains 45% to cover its admin costs, which leaves 50% of the profits for the writer or the charity of their choice. So get started writing about any of your favourite topics, it is free to set up and you can start earning some royalties.

5. Be a Business Coach

Help other businesses by passing on your experience. Many small businesses need help with sales, marketing and admin and can't afford to employ someone on a full-time basis.

6. Home Tutor

Use your skills in a second language or any other subject to teach students in their own homes. Concerned parents will pay well for your help.

7. Virtual Assistant

If you have great typing and office skills, this could be for you. You work independently for businesses and can set your own hours and salary. Work can come from your local area or overseas.

8. After-school Nannies

If you're looking for some part time nanny work, you can just be an after school nanny so it doesn't take up your whole day. You'd be responsible for picking up the children from school at around 3pm and then taking them home and looking after them until their parents get home from work. The job involves supervising homework and playtime, preparing tea and ferrying the children around to any after-school activities they take part in. After-school nannies have to have at least 2 years of childcare experience, but no formal qualifications or age limits apply.

9. Fill in Surveys

As all markets are becoming more competitive, big companies will pay well for your opinion on must about anything.

10. Sell your unwanted goods on Ebay

Had to feature of course! Sometimes the most obvious things are the ones that are overlooked. If you are thinking it's time for a clear out, sell your best stuff on Ebay. Once you get started, you'll be hooked! Just remember when you are browsing the site and putting your own goods on line, you are selling, not buying!

Monday, 19 May 2008

Take Control and Have Fun

There are so many reasons why people want to work from home.

  • You may have young children and find it difficult to commit to normal working hours.

  • Maybe there's too much month and just not enough salary!

  • You may have a hobby that you think you can start to earn extra money from.
For my part, I'm one of the many people who want to make some extra cash on top of my salary from my "day job". My husband and I want to buy a place in France and with the cost of living, etc in the UK, savings from our normal income are just not going to do the job so my working from home goal is to start our "France Fund".

So, join me on my journey and pick up some tips for yourself along with way.